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Who we are

With the adoption of Cloud computing, Mobility and Social media, the interaction of users with IT systems and resources is rapidly being transformed. Organizations have to change how they identify their users, manage access to resources and still keep their data and applications secure.

A well-designed Identity and Access Management(IAM) implementation is a mandatory requirement for achieving high system availability without compromising system integrity and security. In order to design and develop such a robust IAM solution, a thorough understanding of an organization’s business, security profile and IT systems is required. The “Nano Objects” team is highly proficient in complex IAM implementations involving various technologies.

Our consultants have several years of experience in designing and implementing various IAM solutions in the Federal and Enterprise Space for on-premise and cloud computing technologies.

Their areas of expertise include:

  • Conducting a detailed assessment of the client's systems.
  • Evaluating and recommending the best suited vendor solution.
  • Engineering the best environment to ensure high availability.
  • Implementing any required customizations.
  • Operations and Management of the implemented solution to meet Service Level Agreements.