Architecture & Design

We follow a systematic approach to engineer a solution that best suits your current IAM needs and is easily adaptable to future changes.

After the Initial Assessment, we walk you through the process of evaluating and identifying the most suitable product or suite of products, along with any changes that need to be made to the current infrastructure. As part of this process, we also help you identify the scope of the customizations needed to adapt the proposed product or suite of products to suit your needs.

Some of the key stages during our Architecture and Design process are:

  • Evaluation and comparison of two or three vendor products, based on your organization's requirements
  • Providing our expert guidance on the latest advances and challenges with the IAM technology available in the market and guiding your team in selecting the most suitable COTS product
  • Discussing how your current and any new Software as a Service (SaaS) applications will fit into your Identity Management framework
  • Understanding the processes and policies in your organization governing user provisioning
  • Identify how the Identity Management solution will integrate with the existing HR systems
  • Charting the Identity and Access Management roadmap for your organization

Once we have the approval from all stakeholders on the final Architecture and Design document, we proceed to implement the proposed solution.