Initial Assessment

Enterprises have many applications that interact with each other but sometimes, they have incompatible security models and managing the identities of users becomes complex. There is a greater risk of identity theft and unauthorized access because of the different channels through which customers, partners, vendors and employees access these applications.

An initial assessment of the current IDM/IAM infrastructure is essential in identifying how well your requirements are being met. Our consultants leverage their well-honed practical deployment and process engineering methodologies to work with your team, and help answer questions like:

  • What is the current hardware and network infrastructure and how are the applications mapped across this infrastructure?
  • Who are the current users and what are their Business Roles and IT Roles?
  • What are the current problems or bottlenecks that the organization is facing with respect to
  • What are the goals, timeline and budget needs for the IAM project?
  • How can an improved IAM solution improve business operations?

A holistic identity lifecycle assessment can provide valuable information that drive the success of the proposed solution. The results of the assessment can be leveraged to sell your case for funding the project to executive leadership. The investment upfront is recouped during the requirements gathering phase where most of the process and technology research has been provided within the assessment.