System Implementation

We match the detailed plan and design with a skilled implementation of the proposed solution. During this phase, we also make the customizations that are needed to adapt the selected vendor product to into your existing infrastructure.

Our team maintains a library of common configurations for most of the IAM tools with which we work. We also have a library of workflow templates and connector configurations that will be used to optimize the available resources.

Our skilled team follows a step-by-step approach in implementing the planned design while adhering to the defined timeline . We execute use case scenarios and carry out a thorough testing process to create a robust set of controls for integrating all the applications into the IDM framework.

A key phase of the Implementation process is establishing a sound User Provisioning system that involves:

  • Integration of Onboarding/ Offboarding and other HR processes
  • Setting triggers for any workflow notifications and escalations
  • Connecting to Systems for defining and managing roles, and setting up privileges and attributes
  • Password and application access management
  • Processes for handling orphaned accounts
  • Generation of Audit reports on all User and Application access activity

Our team provides a variety of in house or remotely managed Operations and Support Services.