Our Services

Identity Management Solutions

Highly qualified team of “Nano Objs” has multiple years of implementation of Identity Management Solutions addressing simple password synchronization to complex multi-threaded provisioning.

Access Management Solutions

We implement access management solutions from SSO to SLO, with multi-factor authentication.

Directory Services

Experienced team of “Nano Objs” architect, design, and implement various Directory Services needs of any enterprise that has one or more of Active Directory, Oracle Directory Stack, CA Directory, Red Hat Directory, Open LDAP and LDAP 389 etc.

Security Systems Integration

Architects, designs, and implement “end to end” solutions for integration of various security systems.

Information Assurance Services

Nano Objs Team are Certified Information Security Professionals (CISSP) and are well versed with standards like FIPS-201-1, HSPD12, HIPPA, SOX compliance and standards.

Vendor Agnostic

When we know customizations, we know how to tweak any product to meet our client needs. We are vendor natural.

System Engineering, Operations and Maintenance

Our team assists in engineering the best environment to ensure high availability of the implemented solution. We also provide active Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support.

Our Processes

Initial Assessment

A complete assessment of your current IDM/IAM infrastructure to identify how well your requirements are being met.

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Architecture & Design

A systematic approach to engineer a solution that best suits your current IAM needs and is easily adaptable to future changes.

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System Implementation

Customization and implementation of the COTS solution into your existing infrastructure.

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Operations & Support

Technical support and Services to ensure high availability while meeting the Service Level Agreement.

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